As part of an interview with TV Guide, Smallville cocreator Al Gough revealed that in tonight's episode, ( SPOILER ALERT!) Lana tells Lex that she is pregnant, prompting Clark's rival to pop the question at the episode's end. Alas, Lex will have to wait - until January - to get his answer. Um, January?! "She's out of town most of the [next fresh] episode [airing Dec. 7]," Gough explains. "But it will be touched on."

Also tonight, yet another someday Justice Leaguer puts in a shadowy cameo: the Oreo-munching Martian Manhunter. "He is potentially going to show up again," says Gough. But as for the latest batch of Bruce Wayne buzz, "Yeah, I know, I saw the rumor as well," he chuckles. "It's not happening."

Additional reporting by Rich Sands