Erica Durance Erica Durance

Erica Durance still might have a chance to play Wonder Woman.

No, the failed David E. Kelley pilot isn't being recast (that we know of yet), but the former Smallville star will tease superhero fans with her guest role on Harry's Law, in which she plays a lady who thinks she's the DC Comics heroine, TVLine reports.

Erica Durance to guest-star on Charlie's Angels

In this season's 11th episode, Durance will portray a lady with psychological issues who takes on the Wonder Woman persona to avenge victims of domestic abuse. Does this fantasy life also include a little costume change? You'll have to watch to find out. There's no confirmed air date for Harry's Law midseason return after it airs its ninth episode on Wednesday, Nov. 30.

Smallville ended its 10-year run in May, and since then, Durance has guest-starred on ABC's short-lived Charlie's Angels reboot and landed the lead in the Canadian medical drama Saving Hope.

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