Bald is beautiful. And, if you're Smallville star Michael Rosenbaum, it's also very lucrative. As the follicularly challenged Lex Luthor on WB's smashing Superman drama, Rosenbaum has spent four seasons toying with the Teen of Steel's circle of friends. Tonight (at 8 pm/ET) he gets a dose of his own villainy in an episode that finds a pair of Lexes on the loose. That gives Rosenbaum a reason to talk to about everything from acting with himself to the lighter side of going to the dark side. So is the world ready for two Lexes?
Michael Rosenbaum:
Best episode of the year, man. This experiment goes wrong and all of a sudden there's two of me running around.

TVG: It's a Luthorpalooza!
When I first heard about the episode, [executive producer] Greg Beeman told me, "Man, you are in every scene... every page." Then I got the script and 47 pages out of 50 are me. It was an absolute blast.

TVG: But maybe not so much for everyone else in Smallville, huh?
Yeah! [Laughs] I get to beat the s--t out of Jonathan Kent (John Schneider), which I've been waiting to do for three seasons. He's such a d--- to Lex! I get to beat Clark up, I get to sword fight [Lionel]. But the best thing is, you know how you get [can] get tired of yourself? The best remedy is to beat the hell out of yourself. And I get to do that.

TVG: How'd playing opposite yourself work out for you?
It was difficult, because there comes a time when you're sitting there with a crew and you're acting to nothing and you're reacting to nothing. You're [going wild] in front of [these people] who have to be thinking, "You've got to be the biggest moron." But you just let go.... If it sucks, you deck the director. But this was definitely fun.

TVG: Speaking of fun, now that the TV season is winding down for you, any summer plans?
Yeah, I'm going to Cabo [San Lucas, Mexico] with my friends — and I'm invited to George Lucas' ranch [in Northern California] for a screening of the new Star Wars.

TVG: What?!
I was at this AIDS charity event and all of a sudden, there's George Lucas. And he's pointing in my direction. Oh my god, he asked me to come over. So I go, and he says, "Hey, my daughter's a big fan of your show and she makes me watch it. I think it's pretty good."

TVG: Oh man...
You have no idea! I am the biggest Star Wars geek! Then he said, "You should come to the ranch sometime." So I [did]! He signed my Star Wars poster, I watched him edit, he showed me some of the movie. Then he showed me a picture of his dog, the real Indiana Jones. We went into this warehouse and saw all of the original props... all the original artwork. I was in heaven. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me.