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After 10 seasons, Smallville will come to a climactic close on May 13. Before then, Clark Kent (Tom Welling), along with his bride-to-be, Lois Lane (Erica Durance), will take the final steps toward their destiny: becoming the familiar characters that were first introduced in the comic books.

But Clark is not Superman yet, and dark times still lie ahead for the hero, including the impending battle with Darkseid and the return of foes Zod (Callum Blue) and Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum). Executive producer Kelly Souders tells that amidst this turmoil, there will be casualties. She dishes on what else destiny has in store, including a fun departure for Lois, below:

Clark is on the precipice of becoming Superman.  How will we see that come to fruition in the last few episodes?
Kelly Souders:
Oh, through a few trials and errors and successes. Literally the journey isn't over until the very last step. 

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What is the climate of the end of the season?
It's kind of like the show, it's a little bit of everything. There's a little humor, there's a little danger, there is certainly some poignancy. I would say it's befitting of what Smallville is, which is an amalgamation of a lot of tones, which is what's made it so much fun to work on the show. 

Clark has a few enemies to take on before the end of the series (Darkseid, Lionel, Lex and Zod). It seems like he's taking on a lot in just six episodes.
And I think that is honestly a bit of what his dilemma becomes, which is he is so focused on becoming the man he knows he is supposed to become that he's kind of living in the future, to be honest, and so it's really about how do you become that person that you know you're destined to become. That's really the question circling him. 

With all those battles coming up between him and the big bads, should we expect any casualties in the last six episodes?
There are definitely some casualties, but it's not necessarily people. 

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As Clark is fulfilling his destiny, how is Lois going to fit into that? And apart from that, how will she fulfill her own destiny?
What's great is they take some very large steps through those last few episodes becoming the people that they're destined to become. What's kind of fun in what we're doing with Lois is that you get to see part of the role that she plays in Clark Kent's destiny that's kind of a new territory. She helps him along the way in ways that, certainly on the show, we haven't done before. 

Lois will have Clark's powers in the "Prophecy" episode.  What made you want to tell the story of her getting to feel what Superman feels?
Kelly Souders:
We wanted to make sure that they had a final big chapter in their relationship before they started putting on the dress and the suit and heading down the aisle, so that was actually an idea that came out of the writers' room was to give her powers, and executive producer Brian Peterson and I heard it and immediately both of us went, "Ah, that's it, that's what we've been looking for." 

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Any funny moments come out of Lois having those powers?
Kelly Souders:
Yes, at least, I think they're funny. What's fun is other characters on the show have gotten powers before as well over the years, but Lois gets them and behaves exactly like you would expect Lois to behave with powers. She is just her own woman, shall we say, her own super-powered woman now. 

Fans have been waiting since Day 1 to see Clark Kent in the suit. What can you say to that?
Kelly Souders:
We all know where the suit is if you've been watching the show this season, so I'll just say we know where the suit is, and that's always a good start. 

Check back soon for more from Souders on the wedding, the finale and the return of some beloved characters.

Smallville returns with new episodes on Friday, April 15 at 8/7c. Catch a re-airing of the series premiere Friday on the CW.