If you happened to bump into actress Allison Mack on the street, chances are, you'd recognize the face. But placing that face would be another thing altogether.

"I always get, 'You have one of those faces,'" the rising star of TV (7th Heaven) and film (Camp Nowhere) tells TV Guide Online. "It's probably because I've just been around the block for a while. [And] I don't look too much like any of the other teen actresses that are out right now."

Well, Mack's profile is about to increase dramatically with her new gig as Clark Kent's buddy Chloe on the WB's Smallville (airing Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET). Last week, the WB's Teen of Steel drama pulled in 8.4 million viewers, giving the WB its highest-rated series bow in its seven-year history.

Incidentally, Mack confesses that she couldn't tell a chunk of kryptonite from an emerald stone when she landed the part. "The only thing I knew about Superman was that my brother liked him [because he] was always flying around the house with a red towel tied to his back," laughs the up-and-comer, who adds that she's nonetheless well-versed on her character's backstory. "She's very spunky and she doesn't take any crap from anybody. She's very witty and quick, and I'm a lot like that in my everyday life."

As for a budding romance between Chloe and Clark, Mack admits that although "Chloe's very much in love with Clark," it's doubtful her crush will be reciprocated anytime soon. "He's pretty wrapped up in Lana Lang, so it doesn't seem like there's going to be any sort of a love connection. But you never know further down the line."