A pair of artists have filed suit against NBC, claiming that the idea for Heroes' Isaac Mendez and his ominous artwork was cribbed from a short story, a painting and a short-film exhibition of theirs, Reuters reports. According to the lawsuit filed by New York City-based artists Clifton Mallery and Amnau Karam Eele, two individuals who identified themselves as writers from Crossing Jordan - Heroes creator Tim Kring's previous stomping grounds - spied their work at an April 2005 exhibition at Hunter College, and left with some samples. The plaintiffs' work concerns an artist who can paint the future, specifically the destruction of New York City landmarks - a theme that they call "strikingly similar" to Heroes' plotline.

Calling the suit without merit, an NBC rep says they will defend against it vigorously. A source close to Isaac Mendez, meanwhile, speaking on the condition of anonymity, calls the plaintiff's lawyer "very bad man," adding, "Mister Eee-sock steal nothing."