Sleepy Hollow's Hawley (Matt Barr) been a polarizing figure since joining the Fox drama this season.

The wannabe Indiana Jones ladies' man didn't make the best first impression on the Witnesses, hitting on both Mills sisters and using other people's misery to make a buck. However, it's important to remember that anything is possible in Sleepy Hollow - perhaps even a Hawley-Ichabod friendship?

On the set: Go behind the scenes of Sleepy Hollow

"He grows on you," Tom Mison told during a recent visit to Sleepy Hollow's set. "Hawley proves himself to be brave and he proves himself to be a man of his word. The one thing that is lacking that Crane needs to see in Hawley is honor."

"Being an ass---- can save your life a lot of times. I'll give Hawley credit for that," Barr jokes.

To find out what Barr, Nicole Beharie and Lyndie Greenwood say about Hawley's romantic future (or lack thereof) with Abbie and Jenny, check out the video above.