Sleepy Hollow immediately enchanted fans with its insane mix of monsters, magic and Revolutionary history. recently visited the show's Wilmington, N.C. set to talk to the stars about what's next for Abbie and Ichabod as well as learn some behind-the-scenes secrets! Check our videos from the trip below:

Orlando Jones takes us on a crazy tour of the Sleepy Hollow set.

Sleepy Hollow: Take a tour of the set!

Which cast members have what it take to take on Headless? Hint: Not Tom Mison.

Sleepy Hollow: Who's tough enough to take down Headless?

The cast tries to guess these headless celebrities:

Sleepy Hollow : Guess the headless celeb!

Tom Mison says Ichabod is "completely in love" with Abbie:

Sleepy Hollow: Abbie vs. Katrina

Learn how to make a monster (and John Cho's neck skin!):

On the Set of Sleepy Hollow: The making of the monsters

What's the deal with Hawley? Hear what the stars say:

On the Set of Sleepy Hollow: What's the deal with Hawley?

Stars debate whether or not Henry can be redeemed:

On the Set of Sleepy Hollow: Can Henry be redeemed?

Find out what's next now that Moloch's dead:

Sleepy Hollow: Is Irving really gone? Stars on what's next

Orlando Jones talks Irving's shocking death:

Sleepy Hollow's Orlando Jones discusses Irving's shocking fate