Diane Hernandez Diane Hernandez

Although America's Next Top Model contestant Diane Hernandez started out with a larger-than-life personality to match her zaftig figure, as the weeks went on, she faded into the woodwork and eventually got nailed for it. What the heck happened to the 23-year-old criminal defense investigator? Gearing up for this week's elimination (Wednesday at 8 pm/ET on UPN), we called the Miami native to find out.

TVGuide.com: Where on Earth did your personality disappear to?
Diane Hernandez:
Basically, this situation breaks you down. They put you through situations that you may think you'll never be in, but you are. I don't necessarily feel like they broke me down, but it was intense the whole time. I was more focused on the competition than anything.

TVGuide.com: So it kind of took the fun out of modeling?
Yeah. It was like modeling boot camp, basically. Nobody knows how it feels until you're there. The previous contestants are the only ones who would understand. You're basically alienated from the whole world. It's just you, the girls, the cameras and the judges.

TVGuide.com: I was surprised to see you get eliminated over Bre.
I was surprised myself! Talk about insecurities!

TVGuide.com: She definitely seemed like a bigger mess than you last week.
I know they didn't show it much, but she was off having her insecurities, too.

TVGuide.com: And you had to be tougher than the other contestants since you were the only plus-size girl!
You know this! You have to be bubbly and outgoing [for the judges], so you have to be mentally ready, physically ready, emotionally ready.... That's a big part of being a plus-size girl on this show!

TVGuide.com: How painful was it having your chest strapped down?
Oh, Lord, boy, let me tell you! It was like a 50-lb. weight just sitting on my chest! They separated my breasts — one went to the left, one went to the right — and they were taped with, like, UPS packaging tape! My whole [bosom] was packaged up! And my skin was so tight that when you touched it, you could see a fingerprint!

TVGuide.com: I assume your breasts went back to their normal shape afterwards?
Oh yes, honey!

TVGuide.com: Were you scared when you learned that Janice Dickinson would be the photographer on the shoot?
No, I was more happy than scared! She's such a beautiful person, inside and out. She's the bomb!

TVGuide.com: Yes — a bomb that tends to explode.
That's so funny, because everybody wanted to know what Janice had to say about them. She's an icon in the industry! Even if it was the nastiest thing, they still wanted to know what Janice thought about each and every one of us!

TVGuide.com: Which was worse, having your chest bound or living with bossy, drunk Lisa?
Having my chest bound. Lisa's not that bad. Honestly, she's not.

TVGuide.com: You didn't get a contact hangover from her?
[Laughs] No. But that woman is crazy!

TVGuide.com: Did you take any of her tips?
Actually, I did. Doing that photo shoot, I was told to be more soft and gentle in my facial expressions, and that same night was when she had told me I had to work on that. So I took that as a plus. Not everybody takes constructive criticism as well as I do. Sometimes the way you say things affects you more than what you actually say.

TVGuide.com: Maybe people would have taken Lisa more seriously if she'd been sober more often.
[Laughs] Oh, man, that girl is crazy!

TVGuide.com: Yeah, I got that.