He has neither Brad Pitt's washboard abs nor Vin Diesel's bulging biceps. But since Six Feet Under cast Ed O'Ross as Nikolai, the thorny Russian florist in whose arms Ruth Fisher has bloomed, the veteran character actor has become Hollywood's new babe magnet.

"It's amazing to see how many women are being turned on to me," the native of Pittsburgh, Pa., tells TV Guide Online, chuckling. "I beat 'em off with sticks and brooms and clubs, that's what I do. Then I let 'em in the house."

The single guy's on-screen canoodling isn't just improving his love life, either. He says that he and leading lady Frances Conroy are doing it, so to speak, for romantics of all sizes, shapes and ages. "There's a stigma with [older people] as well as being fat and out of shape that we're so preconditioned for, so it's so nice to see somebody go against all that.

"Life is just beginning at 50," he adds, eyes twinkling with mischief. "You know the ins and outs better."

Ahem. That being the case, the big-screen heavy hitter (Full Metal Jacket, Lethal Weapon) is understandably confident that, despite Nikolai and Ruth's breakup, Six Feet Under won't bury the couple's frisky affair. "We add a flavor to that show that really can't be denied," he insists. "Nikolai is the only thing that really brings Ruth out of where she's at. In a way, he's the instrument that propels her into life."