If you reported for work and found extraterrestrial velociraptors in place of colleagues, you'd probably start listening for narration by Rod Serling. However, when Just Shoot Me co-star Enrico Colantoni found himself in that scenario, he knew at once that he hadn't entered The Twilight Zone, but simply had arrived for his guest appearance on The Outer Limits, the Sci Fi Channel's update of the 1960s anthology series.

"In this story, Earth's air is becoming poisonous," he tells TV Guide Online, "so these alien dinosaurs bring us a technology that zaps a human being 90 light years away to another planet. The person on Earth gets destroyed while simultaneously being regenerated in this other place."

Unfortunately, in the course of the episode (airing tonight at 10 pm/ET), the process goes awry, and an Earthling winds up in two worlds at once — a scenario that presents to Colantoni's character a devastating dilemma. "I don't want these dinosaurs to think we're not ready for the technology," he says, "so I have to kill this woman who — of course — reminds me of my late wife."

Although he discusses his Outer Limits installment with an ease rarely exhibited by those who don't speak Klingon as a second language, the Galaxy Quest actor isn't really a sci-fi geek — or even a fan. "I just looked at the script and went, 'Oh — I actually get to be on every page,'" he chuckles. "'Let me do that.'"