Sister Wives star Kody Brown has divorced his first wife Meri in order to legally wed his youngest wife Robyn, Us Weekly reports.

In addition to Meri, 44, and Robyn, 37, Kody has two other wives, Christine and Janelle. Of course, legally, the TLC star is only allowed to have one wife.

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Kody and Meri first wed in 1990, before he had met any of his other wives. The couple quietly divorced this fall before Kody and Robyn, who have been together since 2010, applied for a wedding license in December. Despite the divorce, Meri remains part of the polygamist family.

Kody and Meri share a daughter Mariah, 18, but the couple has struggled to conceive more children. However, Kody does have six children with Janelle, six children with Christine and one son with Robyn, who also has three children from a previous relationship.

TMZ reports that the reason for Kody's marriage to Robyn is to officially bring her children into the family and get them access to insurance and other benefits.

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