In a fitting move considering the dearth of original ideas on network television, NBC is rebooting a movie about copying someone else.

The Peacock is developing a modern-day adaptation of the 1992 film Single White Female, reports The Hollywood Reporter. The film starred Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh as two roommates whose relationship sours when Leigh's character Hedra begins to mimic everything about Fonda's character Allie.

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NBC's version will move the story from New York to San Francisco (where everyone needs a roommate to afford rent), and twist the tale quite a bit. The reboot will see con artist Hedra mark wealthy Allie for an easy score, but Hedra will soon realize that Allie isn't as innocent as she seems. NBC's goal is to leave viewers wondering who is "single white femaling" who.

Reboots are once again hot, hot, hot. Among the pre-existing properties currently being developed for new versions are The Lost Boys, Dynasty, The Honeymooners, Magnum P.I. and more.