New if not disturbing light has been shed on Mario Vazquez's abrupt and mysterious February 2005 exit from American Idol. At the time, the crooner cited "personal reasons" for his departure, but now, according to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court and obtained by, Vazquez allegedly sexually harassed Magdaleno Olmos, an employee of Idol producer Fremantle Media, at one time going so far as to pleasure himself in front of Olmos in a backstage restroom. At the time, Olmos tried to report the incident, but was dismissed as "crazy" by his superior, who threatened him with termination (and ultimately did fire him).

In addition to Vazquez, Olmos has named Fox Entertainment and Fremantle as defendants in his wrongful-termination suit. A Fox rep tells TMZ they have yet to be served with papers, but would not comment on pending litigation anyway.