Question: I am so sick of you only putting spoilers on for shows like 24, Alias, Lost and Veronica Mars. Why don't you put one in about One Tree Hill for once?

Answer: You One Tree Hillbillies finally wore me down to the point where I did the unthinkable: I invited Damian Holbrook TV Guide's resident Tree trollop to steal my thunder make a cameo in this week's AA. All together now: "Hello, Damian." OK, enough with the introductions; give us the dirt, Holbrook. "[Series creator] Mark Schwan told me that Brooke is going to create a clothing line and he hopes to film an episode during the Winter Fashion Week. Also, basketball will become a focus again and we should expect a Christmas episode. He's excited because the beginning of senior year is the first time they've followed stories in current time; the first two seasons were the first and second halves of their junior year, so now he can do a holiday episode. He would love to bring back Bryan Greenberg, who played Jake, but is waiting to see what his schedule is like. They're good friends." I think that'll do it, Damian. This is a cameo, not a full-fledged guest spot. Thanks for playing. You're welcome back anytime I'm desperate for scoop on a show I don't watch.