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Here Are All the Shows Ending This Season

Watch 'em while you still can, folks!

Kaitlin Thomas

It's always hard when your favorite show ends, and it's even worse when it comes without warning via a cancellation at the end of a season. Timeless fans know what I'm talking about. That's why I love it when networks and creators give fans a heads up that a TV show will be ending ahead of time. It allows us to make peace with the decision, but it also allows the writers to craft a proper ending. There's nothing worse than a show that ends on a cliffhanger (except Angel; that show had one of the best series finales of all time).

8 Things We Need to See in The Big Bang Theory's Final Season

Sometimes the news that a show is ending comes when the show is renewed; The CW, for instance, announced that three of its beloved series would be signing off next year when it renewed them in May. But sometimes the news comes later on. CBS has now revealed that the upcoming 12th season of The Big Bang Theory will be the show's last, which gives us plenty of times to get our bazingas out of our system before the show signs off for good.

But with so many shows coming to an end this season, I figured it might be handy for everyone to know which ones are which so they can prepare accordingly. Here are all the shows we currently know to be ending this season.