Shows come and shows go — it's the natural order of things. But that doesn't make the cancellations any less painful. And while 2018 may not have seen a particularly shocking number of shows biting the dust, 'twas the year of endings that shocked fans as networks yanked some shows off the air despite intense fandoms (so sad to see you go, American Vandal) or, in the case of Roseanne and House of Cards, jaw-dropping scandals.

Only the most impassioned TV geeks will find the drama at the corporate level interesting, but in 2018, it was difficult to ignore how high-level machinations led to the demise of Netflix's Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil — all consequences of Mickey Mouse cleaning house as Disney prepares for its own streaming service. This is, as everyone knows, the era of a million options, but 2018 might've been the first signs of a bubble bursting. At the very least, it was a new day where the people who fund shows stopped making it rain indiscriminately and started to spend more selectively. In turn, that led to casualties that seemed to defy logic, like when the Grim Reaper came for faves likes Timeless (NBC) and Difficult People (Hulu).

Pour One Out for the TV Characters We Lost in 2018

Of course, some stuff had just run its course: Scandal departed the airwaves in 2018, as did Once Upon a Time, The Fosters and Nashville. And then some shows — sorry Dietland and Young & Hungry-- just weren't very good. Still, the end of a show can be devastating, so TV Guide wanted to take a moment to mourn the shows we lost in this remarkable, crazy and sometimes sad year. Check out the Top 10 canceled shows of 2018 in the video, and as you say a little prayer for those we lost, pray too that all your favorite shows go out on as high a note as FX's The Americans.