That low rumbling sound you hear this morning is the hordes of Benedict Cumberbatch fans (sometimes self-described as "Cumberbitches") dropping everything in their hands and racing to the nearest computer to watch the latest Sherlock Season 4 trailer, in which the famously emotionless British sleuth apparently professes his love directly to the camera.

The Sherlock Season 4 Episode Titles Are Hiding One Giant Spoiler

Of course, knowing Sherlock as we do, it seems most likely this is not a personal statement, but Sherlock blurting out the answer to some cryptic clue in a eureka moment. Still, why sidestep the finest thrills of anticipation? Let's gleefully speculate for a moment: who might Sherlock be saying this too?

(Our first guess, alas, seems to be standing behind him at the time.)

Masterpiece's best detective series returns to PBS with its Season 4 premiere on January 1st, 2017.