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Richard Heene, the father of balloon boy Falcon Heene, will be criminally charged in the incident, CNN reports.

"We anticipate criminal charges will be filed sometime in the near future," Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden told the cable news channel.

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Alderden did not specify what charges would be filed. Alderden said Friday that local authorities planned to re-interview the Heene family as questions increased about whether the balloon drama was a hoax.

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"We feel it's incumbent on us as an agency to attempt to re-interview them and establish whether this is in fact a hoax or actual event," he said. However, on Friday, Alderden said authorities still believed the family was sincere when they reported to authorities that 6-year-old Falcon Heene might have been in the balloon as it floated high over Colorado.

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On Saturday morning, Richard Heene held a short press conference for reporters and said the event was "absolutely no hoax."

The news comes after Heene's former research assistant told Gawker that the Heene family patriarch was "driven by ego and fame" and had planned a stunt similar to the balloon incident.