Shenae Grimes and Jennie Garth, 90210 Shenae Grimes and Jennie Garth, 90210

The characters on 90210 live relatively untroubled lives, and two of the stars are ready for that to change.

In interviews, both Shenae Grimes, who plays Annie, and Beverly Hills, 90210 vet Jennie Garth, who plays Kelly, told they're ready for their characters' problems to get messier.

"I would love to see Kelly — the real side of her," said Garth, who started playing the character in 1990. "I would like to see her raising her son by herself and the comedy that comes out of that, and the heartache. There's a lot more that goes on that the audience isn't getting to see, I think."

Garth knows Kelly has always come off as a little perfect — "And I don't buy it," she said with a laugh, sitting in a booth at Los Angeles' Kokomo Cafe, the real-life restaurant that stands in for The Peach Pit on the CW series.

Grimes says her character can handle more complications too. "I want her to have some fun," the 19-year-old actress said. "I want her to get in some trouble, I want her to have some fights and heartbreak and I want her to experience everything that a teenager should experience."

Not that she wants things to get too terrible. The heart of 90210 has always been friends and family coming to the rescue when things go badly. And everyone will have plenty of chances to lend a hand this season, given Adrianna's pregnancy, Ethan's car wreck, and other surprises.

"There hasn't been that much real suffering on our show," Grimes said. "I think suffering comes from drama or bad things that happen because of bad intentions. And usually on our show the drama that is inflicted upon people doesn't come from a negative place. I think pain does come, but there are so many loved ones around, everybody on the show to bring them up, which is hopefully the case for everybody."

What do you think? Are things too shiny in 90210's Beverly Hills?

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