The court of public opinion may find itself well-hung considering the disclosure of e-mails from Charlie Sheen to his estranged wife. Among court documents filed last week by Denise Richards and obtained by the New York Post are e-mails in which Sheen calls his ex a "sad, jobless pig" who won't "get a [bleep]ing dime until this [custody battle] is resolved." Sheen also allegedly urged Richards to "go cry to your bald mom" (who is recovering from cancer), e-mailed a photo of his erect manhood to "approximately 30 women" he met on adult sites, and sawed in half their large framed wedding picture and then spray-painted on it, "The Dumbest Day of My Life."

Sheen's rep reiterates his stance that on the best day, Richards' accusations are "laughable and inane."