It's a good thing that Shawn Christian has a good sense of humor. Otherwise, he could get really bummed out over the fact that he's landed recurring roles on one doomed show (Birds of Prey) after another (Pacific Palisades). This week, it's the same-old, same-old: He makes his first and only appearance as Jamie Luner's new love interest on ABC's ill-fated 10-8 (airing Sunday at 8 pm/ET).

"I play a rough-riding, leather-wearing vintage-bike owner," he tells TV Guide Online. "Basically, my bike is stripped of its motor, and Jamie [who plays a cop] intervenes." In no time, the odd couple are revving one another's engines. "When you start talking about your '59 Stroker Panhead," Christian chuckles, "the sex is already there. [Our story] is pretty much loaded with innuendo."

Told you the former As the World Turns heartthrob had a fully functional funny bone. Soon, he may even get the last laugh. Having given off sparks opposite leading ladies as diverse as Jennifer Aniston, Vivian Wu and Tori Spelling, he has scored a cush gig as Lori Loughlin's sparring partner in Aaron Spelling's upcoming beachfront drama, Summerland.

"I think it's a little 7th Heaven, a little Once and Again," he explains. (From what we hear, comparisons to Party of Five and The O.C. aren't off base, either.) "Lori and I have these fantastic California lives, then all of a sudden, she's strapped with the responsibility of her sister's kids, and she has no idea how to handle it! And I, being a single L.A. guy — much like Hugh Grant in About a Boy — have no idea how to help her." Sounds like, once again, the born wiseacre will leave us in stitches.