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Sharp Objects' Chris Messina Confirms the Sweat Is Real

It's all natural, baby

Megan Vick

Sharp Objects is a murder-mystery thriller on HBO, but the summer drama has left viewers with one burning question: Why is Chris Messina so sweaty?

The former Mindy Project star plays Detective Richard Willis in the miniseries, which filmed in muggy Missouri last year. The product of the southern humidity has led to Messina looking very... moist for most of the series.

Was it a choice by the producers to heighten the reality of suffocating summer heat? Was it an attempt to somehow make Messina look even more attractive (he is obviously a Top 5 Chris)? No, friends. Messina revealed at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that the sweat is all him, all the time.

"I'm a particularly sweaty person in general, unfortunately," the actor explained. "Normally, in movies or television shows they are usually changing out my shirt or coming out with a blow dryer to get the sweat stains with. In this show, they very much wanted those sweat stains."

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Sharp Objects' desire for authenticity is what made Messina want to do the role in the first place, perspiration aside.

"Of course, we're laughing about sweat but they wanted the truth. They wanted raw," Messina said. "It was so great to finally in my career be in something where they said, 'We want you. We want you to be a sweaty mess. We want your heart on the table, warts and all.'"

We want you too, Messina, no matter how sweaty you are.

Sharp Objects continues Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

​Amy Adams and Chris Messina, Sharp Objects

Amy Adams and Chris Messina, Sharp Objects