Sharon Stone by Alix Malka/H & K for Paris Match Sharon Stone by Alix Malka/H & K for Paris Match

At 51, Sharon Stone still has no qualms about putting her privates on display.

The actress posed topless for the cover of French magazine Paris Match, wearing a black leather corset, hotpants and some serious strap-up heels.

"When I entered [Alix Malka's] studio, he told me he wanted to reinvent me. He got clothes sent to me and I understood he saw me the way I am in reality, which many people I collaborate with don't," Stone told the magazine. "In fashion, everything is organized by age. This is what you've to wear when you're 20, at 30, then at 40. I'll never get into a mold. I won't dress the way people want me to dress."

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"Is there an age when you're supposed to stop yourself from doing certain things, like showing your body?" Stone continued. "What these photos represent is nothing surprising to me. My life didn't change at 50. I didn't change."

And if by not changing she means maintaining her killer body, then that's a pretty fair assessment. What do you think?