Question: Can you please share when HBO's awesome Deadwood will return? Any scoopage as well too, please.

Answer: Season 3 is debuting next summer, and try as I did to wrestle scoop out of Ian McShane (Swearengen) and Paula Malcomson (Trixie) at the Emmys last week, all they divulged was that Brian Cox was slated to start work as gay theater producer Jack Langrish the next morning, Sept. 19. "He's amazing," Malcomson raved. "And the writing for it is so great. We need a gay man in Deadwood." Asked whether Swearengen will return to his pure evil ways after last season's detour to relative niceness, McShane said, "He's a mixture. He's not one thing or the other. But usually within the course of a scene he changes from one to the other. So, a kinder, gentler, more angry, vicious, bitter, sweet, sexy Swearengen, you can expect that again." And to answer the question submitted by Jack, McShane said Wyatt Earp would not be introduced this season, as had been rumored. I'm betting we'll see the infamous lawman in Season 4.