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Shadowhunters: Saving Jace's Life Might Cost Clary Her Life

Note to self: Do not piss off The Clave

Lindsay MacDonald

The battle for Jace's (Dominic Sherwood) life took place in this week's episode of Shadowhunters, but the results were (obviously) heartbreaking.

While Clary (Katherine McNamara) stood trial at Alicante for Jace's crimes, Alec (Matthew Daddario), Izzy (Emeraude Toubia) and Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) attempted to find Jace's suppressed consciousness inside his mind thus breaking the Owl's control of him.

It was an incredibly emotional journey for all three Shadowhunters, and it should be mentioned that Dominic Sherwood in particular deserves a round of applause for his performance tonight. Watching him break down and beg Alec and Izzy to kill him rather than let him fall into Lillith's (Anna Hopkins) hands again was no doubt one of the most excruciating scenes viewers will have to see this year.

Just when you thought they'd succeeded, however, Lillith showed up to recapture him, and it's hard not to wonder if losing Jace after promising to keep him safe is enough to break Alec completely. Sherwood teased some incredibly dark material for Alec and Jace coming up in the midseason finale, which is equally exciting and terrifying...

Shadowhunters Mega Buzz: Jace's Dark Turn Spells Trouble for His Friends

To add insult to injury, The Clave found out Clary used their one wish to resurrect Jace, and while she argued her case well, they still decided to execute her for her crimes. Her friends better bust her out of Alicante before her sentence is carried out, or this is going to be one seriously bloody midseason finale!

Meanwhile, it's worth mentioning that Lillith brought up an important character we've been hearing a lot about this season. When battling Magnus, she noted she would have killed him if she wasn't scared of starting a war with Magnus' father, Asmodeus. We know Asmodeus has been cast this season, so we can only wait and wonder what might bring Magnus' dear old dad to New York City this year. Anyone who can actually scare Lillith is someone we need to meet.

Katherine McNamara, Shadowhunters​

Katherine McNamara, Shadowhunters


Secrets from Set: Shadowhunters pulls off some mind-bending magic in most of its episodes, but Alec and Izzy's trip inside Jace's head was definitely one of the most visually impressive bits of magic to date. Unfortunately, the actors only had their imaginations to work with when they were filming the scene, which made them end up looking kind of silly without all the visual effects.

"We were directed to convulse," Matthew Daddario reveals of the super complicated process of pretending like you're being put under a spell. He actually waffled for a while on whether they should just act like they were getting electrocuted or not.

"It's not the easiest scene when you don't have physical objects to play with and you're imagining you're throwing forcefields," Harry Shum Jr. adds.

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.