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Shadowhunters: Can Clary and Simon's Friendship Survive Their Breakup?

Even worse, can they survive a double date?

Lindsay MacDonald

The best-friends-to-lovers trope may be one of the sweetest ways to tell a love story, but in Clary (Katherine McNamara) and Simon's (Alberto Rosende) case on Shadowhunters, the best-friends-to-lovers-back-to-best-friends trope is even better.

After making a go of it as a couple last season, Simon and Clary decided their friendship was a better dynamic than their romance. Ultimately, Katherine McNamara says that will only make their bond stronger in the long run.

"There are people in your life that you're connected to, and yet sometimes it takes a little while to figure out what role you're supposed to play in someone's life. Simon and Clary went through that," McNamara says. "They grew up together, they were best friends, they know each other better than they know themselves. They really see each other, and that led to them leaning on each other, and when it did turn romantic, that was necessary, and it was wonderful, and it provided things for both of them, and they learned things about each other and about themselves that they would've never otherwise discovered. If anything, it made their friendship stronger because through that they realized that they weren't meant to be together romantically, but they will always be there for each other. And they will always be there to support each other, and there's nothing that can come between them now because they've been through everything together."

Shadowhunters: Will Jace End Up Killing Clary?

Now, Clary and Jace (Dominic Sherwood) are dipping their toes into romantic waters, finally exploring whether or not their passion can create a lasting relationship. As for Simon, he's breaking the vampire mold by dating a werewolf, and he and Maia (Alisha Wainwright) seem kind of perfect for each other.

Simon will probably never be Jace's biggest fan, but McNamara says that Clary will always be Simon's number one cheerleader, even if that means supporting his romance with another girl.

"Moving forward, I think Clary would be happy for him to be with anyone," she says, "whether it's with Maia or whether it's with Isabelle or whoever Simon ends up with. As long as he's happy, I think Clary will be the biggest champion for whoever it is."

That a sweet promise, but it may be put to the test sooner than anticipated. In next week's episode, a series of seriously unfortunate events lands Simon and Clary in an awkward double date scenario that will make you cringe almost as much as it makes you laugh. Can these two make it as friends after that?

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.

​Katherine McNamara and Alberto Rosende, Shadowhunters

Katherine McNamara and Alberto Rosende, Shadowhunters

John Medland