Lara Flynn Boyle's career is about to get a major boost with Wednesday's release of Men In Black II. Why? Because as Kylothian badass Serleena, the Practice starlet has what she calls "a great part in a great movie with huge movie stars." Darn tootin'! So, what better way to celebrate the tabloid magnet's big-screen break than with a bunch of random MIBII-themed questions.

TV Guide Online: You play an alien disguised as a Victoria's Secret model, and one of the first things you do is hurl. Funny, huh?
Lara Flynn Boyle: I thought, "Boy, if this isn't a f--- you, I don't know what is." It was great.

TVGO: Do you have any supermodel friends?
No, I don't let those women anywhere near me. I'm very selfish, and I hold myself in the highest regard, and I don't know how I'd feel after being around one of those women all day.

TVGO: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Having an endless account on my Barney's charge. I'd like to have that power.

TVGO: Do you have any pathological fears?

TVGO: Is Will Smith as freakin' perfect as he seems?
He's disgustingly perfect. We were on the plane the other day and he was sitting there with his Spanish tutor learning Spanish. I walked on the plane and said, "You disgust me, you overachiever."

TVGO: And Tommy Lee Jones?
Boyle: Tommy's Mr. Smooth, Mr. Cool. The real deal. I've always said there are very few real men in film.

TVGO: Now that you're a big movie star, when are you going to ditch The Practice?
I'm lucky that it's a little bit more [accepting a time for women to do] film and TV, because we need to go where the work is. And there isn't that stigma that, "Oh, well, she's only TV." I'm happy to be in both places at the same time.