Mary Hart. Are there any two words more synonymous with Hollywood glitz, glamour and shameless self-promotion? We think not. For 20 years, the gal with the million-dollar gams has presided over TV's iconic showbiz catch-all Entertainment Tonight, and dammit if we're not a better nation for it! This evening, Hart takes her cheery self to primetime as the host of The Stars First Time on ET (8 pm/ET on CBS), an hourlong special during which celebs recall their inaugural appearances on the well-oiled PR machine. We can only hope that 20 years from now Hart will remember the first time she was asked Seven Silly Questions.

TV Guide Online: What percentage of any episode of ET is dedicated to teasing future stories?Mary Hart:

Probably 80 percent.

TVGO: Who hits on you more often — George Clooney or Colin Farrell?
Neither one of them enough.

TVGO: Let's prove to America you're not some big Hollywood diva who has no time for the little people. Quick multiple choice question: I used to work at ET back in the mid '90s as a) an exec producer's assistant, b) a publicity coordinator, or c) a researcher.
(long pause) Michael, how do you spell your last name?

TVGO: A-U-S-I...
(laughing) Come on, publicity.

TVGO: You scared me for a second. Does anyone still talk about me over there? Word has it I'm legend.Hart: You are legend. You really are. Everybody else has been here suffering all of these years, but, no, you got away. You got away, and therefore, you have become a legend.

TVGO: One thing everyone always asks me: "Is she that perky in real life?" I'll give you a chance to answer for yourself, but be careful: I know the truth. So, are you really that perky?
Let's thrash them soundly... of course I am!

TVGO: Who's the better kisser: John Tesh or Bob Goen?Hart: I can't answer that one. Are they both charming as all get-out? Of course they are.

TVGO: Who wins in a showdown: You or Nancy O'Dell?
Don't even go there. I'd pull that blond hair so far off that head...