A new day is dawning for onetime child star Sara Gilbert. The now-27-year-old actress — who during her nine-year Roseanne stint gave rise to TV's most memorable teen mood swinger, Darlene Conner — joins the cast of Fox's 24 tonight (9 pm/ET) as the Counter Terrorist Unit's newest computer programmer. TV Guide Online caught up with Melissa's lil' sis last week in New York and tossed a few zingers her way.
TV Guide Online: What is your favorite Kiefer Sutherland movie?
Sara Gilbert:
I liked Flatliners. What else was he in?

TVGO: Young Guns... um...
I'll go with Flatliners.

TVGO: What's been the highlight of the past 24 hours for you?
I've got a cold, so it's a very odd 24 hours to ask me about. Let's see... the potato pancakes that Sarges Deli delivered to me from Uptown [Manhattan].

TVGO: And the lowlight?
Feeling dizzy from Tylenol Cold and not being able to sleep.

TVGO: What was the most memorable all-nighter you've pulled?
Probably studying for an art history exam [at Yale]. Art history is brutal.

TVGO: You probably heard that Roseanne's doing this new quasi-reality-culinary series for ABC. Just curious: Have you ever seen her cook?
I have not seen her cook. When we were on the set we'd eat popcorn with jalapeños on it, and maybe she would make a batch of that. But most likely she'd ask a craft services person to make it.

TVGO: Which Becky did you prefer, Lecy Goranson or Sarah Chalke?
Oh, that's not fair. It was very different because Lecy I grew up with, and we were so close. We were these teenagers thrown into this weird life of being on a hit show; we bonded like family. And then Sarah was, like, fantastic and such a sweet, kind person. But it was a different kind of bond.

TVGO: Two years ago you and Drew Barrymore shot scenes from Riding in Cars with Boys across the street from my former apartment in Bloomfield, N.J. Do you remember seeing me wave to you from my living room window?
(Laughing) I'll go ahead and say yes.