Former Brat Packer Anthony Michael Hall appears to have a hit on his hands with USA Network's Stephen King-inspired thriller The Dead Zone. Sunday's season premiere broke cable records by attracting 6.4 million viewers — far exceeding the network's expectations. So, what better way to celebrate the actor's umpteenth comeback than with a bunch of random questions.

TVGO: Has your dancing improved since Sixteen Candles?
Hall: Yes, thankfully.

TVGO: You played Winona Ryder's boyfriend in Edward Scissorhands. Looking back, were there ever any possessions you couldn't account for during filming?
Hall: (Laughing) My wardrobe was missing one day out of my trailer. No, I'm kidding, but let's print it anyway.

TVGO: Will Smith refused to kiss you on the lips in Six Degrees of Separation. Did you take it personally?
Hall: No, quite honestly. I'm a big fan of Will's. It really didn't faze me either way. I was willing to do it, and if he chose not to — which is what he did — then that's how it went.

TVGO: But can you ever really rest until he gives you a kiss?
Hall: (Laughing) I want the $20-million-per-movie kiss. That's the real kiss I want.

TVGO: You played Bill Gates, so maybe you can answer me this question: Is there really such a thing as a zillion dollars?
Hall: I'm not certain, but if there is, I'm sure Gates is aware of it.

TVGO: What ever happened to your Breakfast Club co-star Judd Nelson?
Hall: I don't know, he took a left at Suddenly Susan and I haven't seen him since. He's a great guy, though, and I hope he continues to work.

TVGO: Your character has psychic abilities on The Dead Zone, so tell me this: Will your show see a second season?
Hall: I hope so. I think [the ratings] put us in good standing for a second season. I'm just thrilled. It's probably the most exciting time in my career thus far.