It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Dean Cain in a cheesy Die Hard rip-off on TBS! Christmas Rush (airing Sunday at 8 pm/ET) finds the onetime Superman playing a suspended police officer who disrupts a robbery attempt at a shopping mall during the busiest time of the year. Sadly, Cain left his trademark tights at home for this particular rescue mission, but that didn't stop him from answering our seven silly questions faster than a speeding bullet.
TV Guide Online: What's the worst experience you ever had in a mall?
Dean Cain:
Getting thrown off a third-story balcony during the filming of Christmas Rush. I don't like heights.

TVGO: Way to work in the shameless plug. Did you keep the tights from your Superman days?
Not officially, but it's possible that I have one hidden somewhere to impress the girls.

TVGO: Teri Hatcher's Radio Shack spots with Howie Long. Good or bad career move?
I would hate to comment on her career. I'm sure she has her reasons for doing it. If she's getting paid and she's happy, then it was good.

TVGO: Who would win in a deathmatch between you and Smallville's Superman Tom Welling?
He does not play Superman.

TVGO: Ouch. Okay, Clark Kent...
That's right.

TVGO: Who would win?
C'mon. It's a man against a boy.

TVGO: You were a guest on The View the day Lisa Ling announced she was leaving. So, what's the real reason she quit?
She's going to do that National Geographic show. It's a great opportunity.

TVGO: Yes, but what was the real reason? Did you pick up on any friction between her and Barbara Walters?
Absolutely no friction whatsoever. That was the real reason.

TVGO: You and Brooke Shields were an item during your Princeton days. Then, she went on to date Michael Jackson...
She didn't go on to date Michael Jackson. That's a crock of s--t.

TVGO: Ooh... touchy! Okay, they were friends. Anyway, what did you think of that picture of him in court earlier this month?
I did notice that he had interesting facial hair. He can be on [my TBS series] Ripley's Believe It or Not.

TVGO: Again, nice plug. You majored in History at Princeton. Okay, smarty pants, answer me this: What country was once known as Alba? England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales?
Wow... Alba... I would say it wasn't England.... I would say it's Wales.

TVGO: Nope, it's Scotland.
Really? Alba? Well... I've never visited Scotland.