Little, pointy-haired Lisa Simpson has been America's favorite eight-year-old for nearly 14 years. (Hey, wait a minute...) And this Sunday on The Simpsons (8 pm/ET), Homer's little girl gets political — and musical — when she runs for class president. Thankfully, like any media-savvy candidate, she's exceedingly gracious in the face of even the silliest questions.

TV Guide Online: You seem to have recently found a knack for singing and musical theater. Kermit the Frog did "It's Not Easy Being Green." Would you consider a rendition of "It's Not Easy Being Yellow"?
Lisa Simpson:
I would never try to hop on Kermit's lily pad. Plus, I don't want to get Miss Piggy mad at me.

TVGO: When you get older, if you had to date Bobby Hill, Elroy Jetson or Linus Van Pelt, which would it be?
They're all dorks. I've got a huge crush on SpongeBob SquarePants, but Mom wants me to marry Richie Rich.

TVGO: I know you're a vegetarian, but do you ever get a serious craving for a juicy, delicious, mouth-watering hamburger?
Despite all evidence to the contrary, I hold out hope that someday, somehow, science will be able to create an edible veggie burger.

TVGO: But have you ever cooked a veggie burger on a George Foreman grill? They're tasty that way.
No. I use the Laila Ali Grill. It's the greatest!

TVGO: Who's a sadder figure to you, Aunt Patty, Aunt Selma or Moe?
I find all human beings to be uniquely beautiful creatures. But Moe.

TVGO: You're running for class president, but what's more fun for a little girl your age — playing a soulful tune on the sax or spinning around and around until you get dizzy and throw up?
I'm a serious candidate — don't you have any questions about the issues? Incorrect change from the school vending machines is a serious problem. And I've got real solutions.

TVGO: Okay, then what's your position on the annoying and condescending habit of teachers addressing students by "Miss..." or "Mr..."?
If you vote for me for class president, I promise to put an end to that. Vote Lisa!