When last we saw Michael Vartan, his Alias alter ego was submerged in a tidal wave of trouble on the show's season finale. But in real life, the 33-year-old French hottie — who finds himself being stalked by Robin Williams in the new indie thriller One Hour Photo (opening Wednesday) — was alive and well enough to dive head-first into our Seven Silly Questions.

TV Guide Online: What was it like being naked in front of Robin Williams for One Hour Photo's climax? Did he behave himself?
Michael Vartan:
There were a lot of air conditioning jokes made — even though it was 150 degrees in the room. But that's Robin for you. I grew up in France and played sports all of my life, and not to sound weird or anything, but you see guys naked in the locker room all the time. Nudity is really not a big deal to me. If you've never seen a penis, you need to get out a little more — whether you're a man or a woman.

TVGO: Had you met Drew Barrymore when she was in high school, would you have been able to resist her the way your character did in Never Been Kissed?
The way she looked in that movie? No. I have a penchant for curves, I must say. But my high school experience was so dull and weird and awkward that I don't think I would ever have had the guts to go up to her — or even look at her for that matter.

TVGO: How long can you hold your breath under water?
Well, apparently for a whole summer. No one's happier than me that I'm back at work [on Alias].

TVGO: You've worked with both Gwyneth Paltrow (in The Pallbearer) and Madonna (in The Next Best Thing). Maybe you can shed some light on how these two could be best friends.
Are they really?

TVGO: Yes.
That absolutely perplexes me. I thought you were kidding. I can't think of two more diametrically opposite people. My experience working with Gwyneth was absolutely wonderful; she was incredibly charming and sweet. Madonna, on the other hand, was a different experience. And I'll definitely leave it at that.

TVGO: One of our producers here, Oda Chan, wants to know if you'll marry her. So... will you?
Okay, no problem. Just have her send me a picture. I have to get married in Vegas because of my schedule, though.

TVGO: I don't think she'd object. Would you ever consider marrying a groupie à la Notting Hill?
Sure. Everyone is entitled to enjoy someone's work, or just the way they look. I've certainly been a groupie of certain women, either because of their talent or their art. It doesn't mean I'm a freak.

TVGO: Do you ever look in the mirror and think, "Wow. I am hot."
Never. I think a lot of that is a function of being a guy. We just don't do that. As long as my hair doesn't look ridiculous, I'm ready to go. I'm not a bad-looking guy. I consider myself decent.