Question: There are seven of us at my office who love Gilmore Girls, and we would like your honest opinion on a few questions. 1) Do you think that Luke and Lorelai will end up together? 2) Do you think that the show will be renewed for a seventh season? 3) We've been very disappointed with the new season so far and want to know how the ratings compare to this time last year. Thanks!

Answer: OK, let me take these one at a time. 1) Yes. 2) Yes. 3) The ratings are actually up over this time last year. And sit tight, girls. The Gilmore you know and love is about to make a major comeback. I can feel it. Speaking of which, how fantastic was last night's AS-P-penned outing? Pretty freakin' fantastic. And I'm fairly certain Kelly Bishop is doing the best work of her career this season. God, that woman is gifted.