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Before hosting the 2010 ESPY Awards (tonight at 9/8c on ESPN), Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers fielded a few of our journalistic softballs. Talk about a good sport.

TV Guide Magazine: So what's your game plan?

Meyers: The fun part is [the] pre-taped elements. A lot of athletes like the idea of trying to do funny things, so a lot of them are up for helping out. [Laughs] And they know that no matter how badly they do in a comedy bit, it's not going to cost them a job—like, "We need a better starting pitcher. He's not as funny as we thought he was."

TV Guide Magazine: What's your best sport?

Meyers: Oh, God, I'm a horrible athlete. I'm a runner because I have learned over the years that I can't play anything where there is a ball or requires turning.

TV Guide Magazine: Since every show seems intent on exploiting Betty White's buzz these days, should we expect to see her pop up?

Meyers: We haven't reached out because I'm worried it'll be tough to top her Snickers commercial, sports-wise. But I did meet Angela Lansbury recently....

TV Guide Magazine: Any idea whom we'll see at the show?

Meyers: I think a lot of the Saints will be there. And the Lakers. As a Celtics fan, the only consolation to the Lakers winning [the NBA championships] is that the L.A. audience will be in a better mood for comedy.

TV Guide Magazine: Are there any athletes you're hoping to meet?

Meyers: I should assume that I won't meet Tiger Woods this year.

TV Guide Magazine: Speaking of, is anything off limits?

Meyers: We are celebrating sports, but at the same time, you have to poke fun. Obviously for me, I just have to keep in mind that every single one of them could beat me up in a fight.

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