This should come as a given, but Avengers: Infinity War star Chris Evans and his younger brother, One Life to Live vet Scott Evans, know each other really well. The siblings were tested on their impressive (and often embarrassing) knowledge of each other during a funny segment for Late Night With Seth Meyers, and it's the only video you need to see today.

Seth Meyers quizzed the brothers on some pretty intimate questions like who their first kisses were and the name of the song Chris used to sing to Scott to help him fall asleep. (It's "Heartlight" by Neil Diamond, in case you were wondering.) Evans scholars who'd seen the brothers' hilarious appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon back in 2014 might be familiar with a few of these answers, including the story about how Chris woke up on his neighbor's front lawn after being dumped at prom.

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Still, the segment provided some memorable moments — including several digs at Chris' thick mustache — and is further proof that the Evans brothers should probably have their own reality series. Think Keeping Up with the Kardashians only way more charming.

Watch the funny segment above and prepare yourself for cuteness overload.

Late Night with Seth Meyers airs weeknights at 12:35/11:35c on NBC.