Maybe Patrick Warburton has a thing for difficult women. At least his characters certainly do. For three years, his dim Seinfeld alter ego was Puddy in the hands of pushy Elaine. And this season, he'll be appearing on the workplace "witcom" Less Than Perfect as Jeb, a media pundit who'll be hot for ice princess Lydia (Andrea Parker).

"We're doing a little arc with them," executive producer Christine Zander tells TV Guide Online. "They have a very sexually tense relationship, but neither of them will admit to their attraction to one another, and then they finally do."

While Jeb's infatuation with Lydia is certainly understandable — she's smokin' hot! — the outcome of their involvement is far more difficult to predict. Could a kinder, gentler diva possibly emerge? "I think," hints Zander, "we're going to see maybe a little more vulnerability in Lydia."

The softening of the vamp's hard heart couldn't come at a better time: In upcoming episodes, the man magnet will deal with not one but two unwelcome suitors, both of them as dorky as they are endearing. "Carl (Mad TV grad Will Sasso, who's now a regular) will still be crushing on Lydia, but it's all going to be in his head," says Zander, adding with a laugh, "which is where it was in the first place.

"We're also talking about a show," she continues, "where he and Owen (Andy Dick) battle over their head crushes on Lydia." May the best imaginary boyfriend win.