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You Can Visit Jerry's Seinfeld Apartment in NYC

And see the Festivus Pole in the flesh!

Liz Raftery

Great news, Seinfeldfans! Beginning Wednesday, every single episode of the iconic sitcom will be available on Hulu.

Even better news for Seinfeld fans in New York City: In honor of the launch, Hulu has set up a pop-up installation in Manhattan featuring a version of Jerry's apartment, interactive experiences and a full Seinfeld museum. Anyone is welcome to stop by - unless, of course, you're too busy stuck at home on the couch marathoning all the episodes on Hulu. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

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Those who visit the space at Milk Studios (451 West 14th Street) can check out several pieces of memorabilia from the series, including the Festivus pole, the original booth from George and Jerry's favorite diner, and a canvas brick wall signed by members of the cast. Visitors can create their own erotic photo shoot inspired by George's famous skivvies-on-velvet-couch situation from the Season 8 episode "The Package" or do their best Kramer-style entrance into the apartment. Across the hall, in what would be Kramer's apartment, guests can peer through a peephole to revisit some of Kramer's most memorable moments.

On Tuesday, actor Larry Thomas, who played the Soup Nazi, was on hand to give guests a sneak peek at the space. Asked how often he gets approached by fans on the street who ask him to recite his iconic "No soup for you!" line delivery, Thomas responded: "If they recognize me ... they want me to say it."

"I imagine I'll say it a lot today," he added.

Seinfeld: The Apartment will be open to the public from June 24-28 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 451 W. 14th St. in New York City. Admission is free.