Chris Zylka and Phoebe Tonkin Chris Zylka and Phoebe Tonkin

"Nick is back in a big way," Chris Zylka warns.

Way to understate the obvious! First, The Secret Circle spent time introducing us to the new coven members who would help Cassie (Britt Robertson) discover her magic, only to then kill one of the series' supposed main characters off in the fifth episode. Nick (Louis Hunter) was then replaced by his older, more brooding brother Jake (Zylka), who eventually went from working with the Witch Hunters to against them.

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Now, it seems, Nick has been resurrected to track down the remaining crystal and thwart the Circle's attempts at combining them to create the sure-fire weapon against the Witch Hunters, the Crystal Skull. How will the Circle feel about Nick's return? For Jake, it may not be a happy reunion. "Jake's going to go on an emotional roller coaster in this next episode," Zylka says. "Typical Jake, he tries to cover up his real emotions. I mean, what would you do if your dead brother came back?"

With Nick's return, the Circle will discover that Melissa's (Jessica Parker Kennedy) former fling, who was once inhabited by a demon and drowned by Charles (Gale Harold), is more powerful than ever, which, Zylka says, has to do with the way Nick comes back from death. "Wherever he went, wherever death took him, he is a lot more powerful for a really, really cool reason that's a surprise."

Jake will have bigger things to worry about when Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) is attacked by the Witch Hunters and he must team up with Melissa and Adam (Thomas Dekker) to save her. "He's pretty selfless when it comes to the members of the circle now," Zylka says, recalling the episode in which Jake was willing to sacrifice himself for Cassie.

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But could Jake be the one who ends up in trouble? While discussing the Crystal Skull, Zylka let slip that he wasn't around for the filming of those particular scenes. Will Jake become Chance Harbor's latest causality? "There's tons of death in the finale. It's a pretty epic episode. To be quite honest, I know the deaths are a pretty big deal right now, but with how strong the cliffhangers are, I think people are going to be more in awe of what happens next, then in awe of who just died," he says coyly. Ruh-roh!

One thing is certain, the Circle will not be pleased once the truth about John Blackwell's (Joe Lando) motivations come out. "He's been trying to manipulate everyone," Zylka says. "They've heard nothing but terrible things about him from the beginning so once those things all turn out to be true, they're a pretty dangerous circle when they're all working together and pissed off.

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