Shelley Hennig and Britt Robertson Shelley Hennig and Britt Robertson

No one is safe as The Secret Circle prepares for an epic season finale in which at least one person — and possibly more! — will meet their maker.

Exclusive Secret Circle Finale Video: The witches get their solo magic back!

In "Family," the Circle will finally have to confront John Blackwell (Joe Lando) about his true motivations, which means Cassie (Britt Robertson) will have a big decision to make: side with her Circle family or her blood family. Meanwhile, the Circle will also race to save Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) from the Witch Hunters. Plus: The Crystal Skull will finally be put together! Your head spinning yet? It's a lot to take in, which is why turned to executive producer Andrew Miller to get the scoop on the finale. Check it out:

Based on the clip we posted this week, it seems the Circle gets unbound in the finale. How will that ultimately hurt them?
Andrew Miller:
For reasons that you'll find out Thursday night, the only way to save Faye is to be unbound, to get their solo magic back. It feels like it could work, but Blackwell has a plan they're not privy to that will put them in greater danger. They think in order to save the Circle they need to break up the Circle, but in fact, they're putting the Circle in great, great danger.

Cassie and Diana (Shelley Hennig) will need to use their dark magic to save the Circle. Diana has been reluctant to dip into that power, so how will that affect the two of them?
Dramatically. For the last few weeks, Diana's been bitching about not wanting to use dark magic and not going down that path. In fairness to Cassie, it's not a judgment so much just that it's a dangerous path and she's seen it happen firsthand to a really strong, good person in Cassie. She doesn't want that. She's going to be called upon to use dark magic because, as Cassie's going to argue, she has to, and whether she does that willingly or because she's forced into it, it will change her. It will affect her relationship with Cassie in an irreparable way and it'll change her relationship into something we've not seen up to now.

You previously mentioned that Cassie will have to finish what her mother started 16 years ago. Does that mean taking out John Blackwell? Or will she end up making the same mistakes again?
Stopping John Blackwell is what Amelia was trying to do 16 years ago and failed, and it's what Cassie needs to do now. How to stop him is the problem, and ultimately, wanting to stop him is an even bigger problem because she has no other family. When she started the season, she was down one parent, still had a grandmother, and now she's lost that. And by the end of [last week's episode], she may have lost her Circle family, and John Blackwell is the only thing she's got left. Whether she wants to admit it or not, he's a part of her. Their blood, distasteful as it may be or dark as it may be, flows in the same color and direction. Amelia was close to Blackwell through love, and Cassie's close to John Blackwell in a much more intense way, which is blood and family, which is where the episode title comes from. So it's not just how to kill him, but it's if she has to or wants to.

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Will that pit Cassie and the Circle against each other?
Yes. More than anything else — more than Charles (Gale Harold) having killed Amelia, more than Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) having killed Nick (Louis Hunter) — the problem that they're faced with immediately is saving Faye, who's in very serious danger. The lengths they're all prepared to go is what will divide them.

Will the Crystal Skull ultimately end up hurting them? It seems like Blackwell wants the Skull for other reasons besides taking out the Witch Hunters.
The Crystal Skull, at least thematically, is the personification of dark magic. It's connected to the Balcoin line. It has its roots in darkness and is designed to be the most destructive weapon that witches have. By definition, that's a bad thing. What Cassie has shown us over the course of the last 10 episodes is that sometimes you can use a bad thing to make something good happen, but it's not so simple and that's what they'll have to figure out. They'll have to decide whether or not they can do that with the Crystal Skull.

Jake (Chris Zylka) seems the most motivated to save Faye. Might they get their happy ending after all?  
Miller: I don't know what happiness means to those kids. They're messed up. [Laughs] Faye and Jake are so similar in that they have this emotional armor that's almost impenetrable. In the last episode, Faye was able to pierce through a little bit of that armor, and in this episode, Jake is going to have to deal with the very real possibility that he's going to lose Faye. Faced with that reality, it's going to force him to make some decisions

What I love about this show is when the show has been at its best is when we've taken these supernatural stakes and used them to shine a light on what they want as non-supernatural regular people. This episode really goes to great lengths to do that, which is to say, they're dealing with Eben (Sammi Rotibi), who's got six demons inside him, Witch Hunters and Blackwell, who has been a manipulative monster for the last 16 years and who knows how long before that. They're in very, very serious danger the likes of which they've never known up to this point. If faced with that kind of peril, if you don't look back at yourself and question the choices you've made or what you want out of life, then you're not human, and that's what they'll all do in this episode. As far as Jake and Faye go, it will force them to see what it is that they truly want.

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Speaking of couples, is there hope for Cassie and Adam (Thomas Dekker) to reunite?
We address it in the finale, but it really points toward next season in a very different way than the relationship has been until now. Over the course of the season, Adam started as the ringleader with Diana. Cassie has come in and split them up and split up the Circle to some degree. Both Adam and Diana, at the end of this episode, will be different people than when they started. Cassie and Adam's relationship, heading toward next season, will be very different and really interesting.

Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) and Charles have spent the whole season trying to get their powers back. How far will they go in the finale to do that, especially considering Charles has nothing to lose at this point?
That story line is fun for us because, from Diana's perspective, she is forced to come to terms with the fact that she may have two dads, but she's got two evil dads, and she'll have to reconcile that. On Charles' side, he's really lost everything and he's got one shot in this finale to try to get something back and he's got to decide what's the most important thing and go for it. For the adults, having power is not the same as having strength, and that magic can be the easy way out of a lot of problems. I feel like he and Dawn have come to realize that their initial intentions weren't as clean and were a little bit selfish. While they were apparently looking out for their kids, I don't think they really were. They might get their power back in this episode, but for Charles to become a strong human being is a much more difficult task.

What can you tell us about who will die in the finale?
Who the dead person is, is interesting and surprising. How that person dies is even more interesting and surprising. To take it further, this is a show that straddles the line. We tried to keep it as grounded as possible while throwing more and more fantastical situations in the kids' way. When we killed Nick, it was important to all of us to feel the emotional weight of that. We don't want this to be a world where death comes easily or is treated without the respect it deserves. In this finale, this death, as it should, will drastically change people. Cassie's journey, the whole season, has been about her empowerment and her transition from teen to adult. The emotional ramifications of this death really conclude that journey. You can't be around death like they have, and like they will be on Thursday, and still be a kid. It's just too hard. It just shoves you to that next level whether you like it or not, and that's true for a lot of them in the Circle.

Well we can't wait to see the finale!
We've worked really hard at it. It's an epic finale. It's big, loud, emotional and fun. That's what makes May fun to me. You can sit down, and each show is like watching a summer blockbuster movie. I feel this may not be The Avengers, but I think, at least for 42 minutes, you'll have a lot of fun.

The Secret Circle finale airs Thursday at 9/8c on The CW.