Although the WB is expelling Popular after tonight's broadcast (at 9 pm/ET), two of the high school dramedy's classmates deserve to graduate with honors to a spinoff — and we aren't talking about teacher's pets Leslie Bibb and Carly Pope, either. As varsity vipers Nicole Julian and Mary Cherry, Tammy Lynn Michaels and Leslie Grossman dressed like silver screen golden girls and spat insults that would make Anne Robinson cry. So imagine what would happen if the social-climbing California girls were set loose in Manhattan...

"God almighty, the laughter would never end!" Michaels tells TV Guide Online. "Grossman and I would take that town by storm! Nicole and Mary Cherry would do stuff like fake working at Barney's because they wouldn't hire us. And Nicole would probably make a play for the mayor and try to get in the news."

Unfortunately, a sitcom spotlighting the campiest co-stars since Bette Davis and Joan Crawford asked What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? isn't likely to entice even the few Clearasil users who were drawn to Popular. However, there exists an altogether alternative audience for the dynamic duo that Michaels affectionately likens to "Laverne and Shirley on crack."

"The gay men love Nicole and Mary Cherry," Michaels asserts. "We're the next best thing to drag queens. Nicole is a bitch who is really witty and has no censorship [of herself], and Mary Cherry... she's just out of her mind.

"And imagine," she adds, "if they ended up getting married! It's genius!"