NCIS by Ron P. Jaffe/CBS NCIS by Ron P. Jaffe/CBS

Pretty much crumbs here, but CBS sent out a few season-premiere deets for its fall lineup. If your show isn't here, it's because A) it's new, B) you could have written the supervague preview yourself and/or C) it's a sitcom that thrives independent of its story arcs.

Cold Case: Several weeks after being shot, Lilly returns to work and tries to convince Stillman and herself that she's emotionally ready for work.

Shark: Jessica helps Sebastian with a double homicide case, enlisting added firepower (Kevin Alejandro) from an organized crime unit.

How I Met Your Mother: Robin hooks up with Enrique Iglesias, so Ted storms the bar scene with Barney.

NCIS: The showdown between the team and an arms dealer reaches a deadly conclusion.

The Unit: As Jonah evades an assasin, Bob secretly reports to a mysterious entity.

Criminal Minds: A college campus killing spree... I dunno, prompts Gideon to rendezvous with Richie Cunningham's big brother Chuck?

CSI: "Sara's fate remains in question." Yeah?

Without a Trace: Sudanese boy adopted by celebs goes missing. Madonna scrambles for an alibi.

Ghost Whisperer: Melinda solves her summer-long ill-fitting-bra problem.