The Lord of the Rings cast has no complaints about behind-the-scenes tension and diva 'tudes. After spending a year and a half together filming in remote New Zealand, they've formed the kind of friendships we only thought possible in summer camp! In a true test of the fellowship, the hobbits' portrayers stay in touch, even in between the re-shoots and promotional events they've done since Rings's main production wrapped in 2001. In fact, Sean Astin (Sam) says he can hardly get away from these guys!

"Dom [Monaghan, Merry] lives with my brother [Mackenzie] — they're roommates in Los Angeles, and I sold him my car this year, so I see Dom all the time," Astin says. "Elijah [Wood] and I'll go to movies. I saw Ian McKellen when I was up in Toronto shooting [a TV pilot], and he was shooting X-Men II. We went to a play."

Monaghan and Billy Boyd (Pippin) — an inseparable hobbit pair on-screen — finish each other's sentences like a married couple in real life. They're even writing a screenplay together — a comedy caper about two Brits who run a scuba-diving school in Miami. "Billy's been down in Mexico filming a movie, and I've been down in Los Angeles for the past year," Monaghan says, "so either he would come up on the weekend or I would go down with Elijah and go surfing and hang out. We want to work with each other a lot in the future."

"We are used to coming together for photo shoots and seeing each other at premieres," Astin says of his Rings family. "At the moment, everybody seems to feel confident about their work, and [we're] enjoying the camaraderie. I feel like we'll get sad again when we we're promoting the third film because we'll realize that it's almost over." Aww...