Question: Scrubs is going to revisit the J.D./Elliot romance? I'm not complaining, I just thought Bill Lawrence ended it for good a few seasons ago.

Answer: I thought so, too! Turns out the little sadist couldn't resist messing with the two of them just as they're about to undergo major life changes (her upcoming engagement to Keith, his reunion with a very pregnant Dr. Kim). "J.D.'s about to have a baby with Kim, and Elliot's getting married," he explains. "Their entire lives are going to change and they're not even sure that they want them to. To me, it's more about two scared, pathetically inept people that have a sexual past possibly taking the easy way out." That said, since next season will likely be the show's last, Scrubs' boss man isn't ruling anything out. "Our writing staff is split down the middle," he says. "I'm on the side that thinks that Elliot and J.D. aren't really a couple and it's not worth doing, and then half the writing staff feels that, ultimately, they should end up together. It's a constant argument."