The good news: they didn't pull a Felicity and cut me out of the episode.

The bad news: what bad news? I was on frakkin' Scrubs!

If you missed my 10-second scene, it's now playing on a video player near you.

And don't be too hard on Dr. Kim for lying to J.D. about the baby. She really thought she was doing the right thing. Speaking of which, here's a little scoop: This is not the last we'll see of Elizabeth Banks. There's still much more to this story. Less clear is what the future holds for her sexy obstetrician. I should know more when the overnights come in.

But enough about me, let's talk about you: What did you think of my performance? Should I make room in my Smurf display case for a certain gold statuette with big wings?

UPDATE: The ratings from last night are in, and Scrubs lost about a half-million viewers from the previous week. I blame the 11th hour airdate change. My aversion to self-promotion probably didn't help either. I knew I should've talked up this thing more in Ask Ausiello.