Question: Great news about the tentative agreement between writers and networks, but whatever does this mean about our dearly beloved Scrubs? Will we get the final episodes that we fans and the Scrubs gang deserve?

Answer: I just hung up with Mr. Scrubs himself, series creator Bill Lawrence, and he says "the worst-case scenario is that ABC Studios lets me make the last four episodes as a DVD. And I say it's the 'worst-case scenario' because I'm going to try as hard as I can to get NBC's support in finishing the show up on TV. I just don't have any definitive answer because I haven't been talking to them The second we're told that we can go back to work, I'm going to give [Peacock honcho] Ben Silverman a call and say, 'Scrubs has been on NBC for seven years, and it would really be a bummer if I didn't get to end it there.' And I'm hoping I'll get a positive response. I would be surprised if NBC didn't want to figure out a way to end the series on their network." I wish I could be as optimistic. Remember, this is Ben Silverman we're talking about. The same dude who publicly dissed Friday Night Lights. But more on that later. (To read my complete interview with Bill., and send a message to NBC to do right by Scrubs, click here.)