Question: What do you know about the upcoming episode of Scrubs titled "My Princess?"

Answer: I know that it's the last original episode of Scrubs to air on NBC ever, it was a crapload of work, and Bill Lawrence doesn't really care if no one likes it. "Even now, after seven years, we try to do one show that we spend way too much money and time on in the hopes that people actually, you know what? We're ultimately just making ourselves happy," Bill confesses. "It's like last year when we did the musical. Some of the response was like, "Who gives a s--t?" But we were happy. Same thing when we did the live-action sitcom. And this year, partly because my wife always jokes that I haven't written an episode of Scrubs that my kids can watch, and partly because one of our favorite family movies is The Princess Bride, we did a huge homage to The Princess Bride. Zach directed it like a major feature; we blew our entire season's budget on it. There are horse chases and castles. Janitor is a giant, Elliot is a princess, Dr. Cox is a knight. It's crazy and silly for a seventh-year show to be trying this stuff, but, man, I'm really proud of it." BTW, there's still no official (tee-hee) news about Scrubs moving to ABC next season.