Question: Hooray, Scrubs is back! Let's celebrate with some scoop!

Answer: Actually, how 'bout we celebrate with you guys doing me a huge favor. As you know, I'm moderating this sold-out Scrubs panel thingy at the New York Comedy Festival on Nov. 10. (Nervous? Me? Nah.) Well, it ends with a big fancy Q&A session, during which I have to pepper Bill Lawrence and the entire cast (sans John C. McGinley) with really intelligent questions pertaining to their seven years on the show. Now, I could spend the next week and a half racking my brain to come up with impressively clever and thoughtful stuff to ask them, or you guys could do all the heavy lifting and leave me to focus on more important matters. Like finding a killer ensemble. So what you say? If this sounds like an offer you simply can't refuse, then go ahead and e-mail your burning Scrubs Qs to Thanks in advance!

On that note, another deliriously scoopy edition of Ask Ausiello comes to a close. See ya all back here next week writers' strike or no writers' strike! Worse comes to worst, I can just talk about myself! Additional reporting by Robert Moynihan, Ben Katner and Damian Holbrook