<EM>Lost</EM>'s Terry O'Quinn and Henry Ian Cusick Lost's Terry O'Quinn and Henry Ian Cusick

Question: Any scoop on tonight's Lost finale? You left us high and dry last week!

Answer: My sincerest apologies. But rest assured, when I'm not dispending Lost dish, I'm chasing it down. At ABC's upfront bash last week, I cornered Carlton Cuse and politely demanded that he cough up "The Challah" at once. "It launches what we are going to be doing in Season 3," he said of the top-secret cliff-hanger, "and I think it will give the audience a good idea where the show will be going next season. This season was really about the hatch, and when you see 'The Challah,' it'll really give you a sense of what the next chapter of the show is all about." For more scoop de Cuse, keep reading.